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Is All Knowledge Good?

As I watched Fox news with Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute discussing Islam and our children, Sarah Eltantawi of the Muslim Public Affairs Council made a statement that led me to pray.  She said, “Ignorance is never good.”  That seems to be the biggest catalyst in the world toward teaching our children other religions.  Society says it is important to understand and seek knowledge of other religions.

 So I prayed.  Immediately it struck me that was where Eve in the Garden of Eden was deceived as well.  The Bible says that Satan tempted Eve by saying she would have knowledge...   knowledge of good and evil.  That was the tree she ate from.  Eve saw that it was "good to eat."  Sin always does look good from the outside, doesn't it.  And Satan gives a convincing argument.  So does our public education system.

 Was it good for John Walker to taste Islam?  Is it good to experience all there is in life?  Are there consequences for the things God told us would be bad for us, and warned us about?   Must we learn how to steal in order to understand the thief?  Should we imagine committing adultery to understand the adulterer?  Should we play with the blade of a knife and imagine killing in order to have compassion on the murderer?

 Christians are tolerant and value people because God told us to.  It's the second most important commandment in the Bible, "Love your neighbor as yourself."  So many times these past weeks I've felt outrage and God always calls me back, reminds me that He died for these people, to LOVE them.  Nobody here is our enemy.   We must work together and realize all knowledge is not good, just as God warned us.  For the bride of Christ to seek another god would be the same as seeking to commit adultery.  All knowledge is not good.    

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