Beyond the Pledge of Allegiance:
Hostility to Religious Expression in the Public Square

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Pluralism is a cloaked form of religion established through public schools and inflicted by the courts. Cal Jur 3d defines religion, which applies perfectly to the established beliefs and practices that school authorities have incorporated in public schools:

"Cases construing the term "religion," as used in tax exemption laws,1

have held that religion simply includes: a belief, [pluralism] not necessarily referring to supernatural powers; a cult, involving a gregarious association openly expressing the belief; [public school curriculum], a system of moral practice directly resulting from an adherence to the belief; [selective tolerance], and an organization within the cult designed to observe the tenets of the belief [public school classrooms]. The content of the belief is of no moment. 2

This is a perfect description of our education system equipped with pluralistic beliefs and goals which are HUMANIST. Parental rights and objections are ignored because most parents lack the recognized credentials necessary to be heard. The opinions of the pluralist ordained PhD and EdD are given merit while the religious convictions of parents are denied. WHERE IS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM? It has been usurped by the tyranny of the pluralist elite, demanding our children attend their indoctrination classes to reprogram their faith.

Diana L. Eck of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University produced From Diversity to Pluralism which conveys that "diversity alone does not equal pluralism; instead, "[p]lurlism is the engagement that creates a common society from...diversity...Pluralism is not a ‘given’ but an achievement." (1 )

In 1992, the National Middle School Association Regional Conference presented M. Hayes Mizell as speaker. He quoted the President of Czechoslovakia and said,

"The way forward...promotes an atmosphere of tolerant solidarity and unity in diversity based on mutual respect, genuine pluralism and parallelism. In a word, human uniqueness, human action and the human spirit must be rehabilitated...
It is not that we should simply seek new and better ways of managing schools. The point is that we should fundamentally change how we behave. And who but teachers and administrators should lead the way?

Public schools have been "leading the way" with pluralism, directly assaulting other religions of faith in the process. The law states the government cannot convey a message of endorsement of religion and that students cannot practice religion, but judges are ruling in favor of children memorizing prayers to Allah and pretending to be witches and sorcerers, creating chants and casting spells. Judges have violated our Constitutional rights and religious freedom by ruling these practices would not appear religious to a "reasonable observer" and violating the establishment clause by enforcing the Pluralist religion and prohibiting the free exercise of individual religion, by requiring students to practice acts of religious worship to other gods, in direct opposition to the Scriptures condemning the practice of pluralism.

The Ninth District Court has ruled, "This hypothetical observer is informed as well as reasonable; we assume that he or she is familiar with the history of the government practice at issue."

Government practice is that of pluralism, instituted by universities, commissions to credential teachers mandating pluralism and all forms of educational government. Pluralism is cloaked humanism, "a doctrine emphasizing a person's capacity for self-realization through "reason." It does not recognize faith. In essence, our judicial system has decreed that all religion is devoid of faith, that to ask a Christian child to pretend they are a witch or a Muslim soldier cannot be a violation of religious freedom based on the assumption that all religion has no merit of faith, it is "secular," claimed to be "neutral" but is in fact, atheist tyranny. "Pluralism" is a rubber stamp to hide the atheist/humanist assault upon our religious freedom. And if the Courts fail to overturn these judgments, atheists/humanists have won, there is no religious freedom...America just hasn’t realized it yet.

Pluralism is a belief, a religion, a sect of humanism by any other name is still humanism. Pluralism is the knowledge and tolerance of select religions with the reasonableness of a humanist, to assess them with "critical thinking," to reach "conclusions based on solid evidence" to "enable students to question the validity and meaning of what they read, hear, think, and believe. Critical thinking requires a questioning mind and a skeptical withholding of assent about the truth of a statement until it can be critically evaluated." (from Calif. State Standards) These are ATHEIST standards. There is even an atheist website called "Church of Critical" Meanwhile our state standards have recently been revised to adopt a section called "What We Believe."

Faith is the strong belief in a supernatural power that controls human destiny. Christians walk by faith not by sight. Just because a humanist cannot see it does not mean it’s not there. To judge faith by the limited rudimentary senses of humanists and atheists is folly. To attack faith by determining the law based on the confines of humanist "reasonableness" is to blatantly deny religious freedom.

Liberal judges and well trained public educators, with mandates and tests to determine adherence to pluralism, are in direct violation of the Establishment Clause. Our Constitution has been defiled. Our children are being victimized. Our freedom is being trampled and our will is being destroyed.

The Department of Education has devised its own religion in flagrant opposition to the Establishment Clause. Liberal courts have censored the Ten Commandments and artifacts of our heritage and are replacing them with Pluralism, imposing their will on the people. These are acts of treason, and Americans need to stand up in unison and start calling for impeachment.

Cal Jur 3d § 1: 1. As to exemption of religious organizations from corporate taxes, see Franchise and In Lieu Taxes § 6.

As to exemption of church property from property taxes, see Property Taxes §§ 70 et sq.

1. Pluralism Project, Diana L. Eck

2. Saint Germain Foundation v. Siskiyou County, 212 Cal. App. 2d 911, 28 Cal. Rptr. 393 (3d Dist. 1963); Fellowship of Humanity v. Alameda County, 153 Cal. App. 2d 673, 315 P.2d 934 (1st Dist. 1957)

Personal Testimony of Hostility to Christianity

In 2002, I submitted some mildly Christian books to San Luis Coastal Unified School Board for review for admission in the elementary school library, Bill Myer's "My Life as a Smashed Burrito" series, published by Tommy Nelson. Months later, the school board returned them with the reason that Accelerated Reader did not provide test materials for this series of books. The Principal told me soon after that suddenly, Accelerated Reader DID incorporate this book series, supporting the validity of these books being appropriate in school and fulfilling the requirement for children to read for credit. When I asked if the books could NOW be approved, the school board asked to review these books again. After the end of the school year, they were all returned to me with a five page description of the requirements for library material. All I could find was numerous ways of promoting pluralism and diversity. Certainly that could not be the criteria for rejecting these books, because pluralism and diversity does NOT exclude Christianity, it means a wide range of different beliefs! In fact it was noted in the description that no book should be excluded because of religion. These books are well written with literary value, are imaginative and kids love them.

I sent many requests asking for clarification on exactly why these books were refused. They would not respond. This school board would rather children read books about Indian children talking with their canyon gods, prairie gods, etc; numerous Greek god books, Harry Potter of course which includes a sacrifice by dagger of a humanlike child, in order to resurrect an evil entity.

Also included and required was "The Giver" a Newbery Award book which promotes the killing of retarded children with graphic descriptions of a "merciful" injection to the brain. In this science fiction, everyone is a test tube baby given to adoptive parents (get ready for cloning). Euthanasia is also promoted.

These books are in our children's library but a book about a kid struggling with a bully at a Christian camp, that barely even touches on prayer or Jesus, is not allowed per the same school board that insists on promoting homosexuality, pays for "cultural" troops that invite young children to dance to other gods, covers up children praying to Allah, and sees no bias in the Houghton Mifflin textbooks, which distinctly scorn Christianity and Judaism while promoting atheism.

School Assembly Songs of New Age Beliefs

When my son was in the second grade, he sang in a school recital. Very well done, obviously a lot of work went into it. The kids sang with that staggered beginning, beautifully done. Too bad the words were so... dead. It was all about how when everything is gone, when all is said and done, all that will remain is this song. There would be nothing else, no life after death, nothing but a song.

What a horrible thing to have children sing. There is SO MUCH that will be happening when Jesus comes. People don't have to agree with Christians of course, but to put so much school time and effort to sing about beliefs... what if I asked all those children to sing about when Jesus comes back and the train of His robe fills the temple. That's a beautiful song too. Why teach my children to sing something so dead and untrue? Those are not my beliefs but atheist beliefs.

Pledge of Allegiance

This is what my son tells me happens at the Middle School. In the morning, over the loudspeakers, everyone is supposed to stop and be quiet as the American anthem is played, music only. Both my sons state many teachers skip the pledge at the elementary school. Anyone ever consider, "Separation of Atheist and State?" If this nation takes God out of our heritage and recognition, I will not pledge allegiance to it, many won’t, because it will be a lie, it will strip America of the foundation it was born on, and the majority of Americans won’t pledge allegiance to a Godless nation.

Belittling Faith by Mocking it with Poker Chips

A local mom dealt with this issue. Her child was in a class where the guidance teacher gave children plastic poker chips and told them that as long as they kept the poker chip with them, nothing bad would happen to them. My friend was outraged that her child was frantically looking for a poker chip for protection.

My friend’s complaints ceased the practice. She was told that she was the only one complaining as well. She's probably one of the few moms that knew about it.

I object to the intimidation used by schools when we complain about obvious infringements. It seems the common response is always, "you are the only one complaining." I know that isn't true, there are HUNDREDS of children being homeschooled in this district. If their parents didn't complain, it was probably because they felt they would be ignored or laughed at, as Valerie Moore was. We sincerely are treated with an arrogant attitude of "you just don't know any better" or "why don't you homeschool?" Though the school sometimes stops the activity we object to, five more crop up in its place. I've asked the superintendent to address all teachers and schools in the district about these kinds of offenses, they refuse and reiterate homeschooling. Great idea, but many of us have to work and can't afford it.

We may be the minority but minorities have rights. Our taxes pay for these schools as well and they do NOT have the right to belittle our faith by demonstrating faith in ridiculous places.


"Excerpts of
‘Objections to Across the Centuries’ ’’

Page 319:

"During the Middle Ages, many Christians saw themselves as sinful creatures struggling to get into heaven. But humanists did not see people as sinful. They thought people had dignity, worth, and the ability to achieve almost anything. Religion was important to humanists, but they stressed that life on earth was also meaningful."

What a TWISTED view of Christianity! Christians believe that Jesus paid the price for our sins, and because of Him we are holy and pure! The Bible teaches we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." There are MANY verses about how precious we are to God, He counts the numbers of hairs on our heads, our pictures are in the palms of His hands. To be Christian is to REJOICE. Clearly textbooks cannot be trusted to teach religious beliefs.

Page 285:

"The mission of the church was to save the soul of all members so that they would go to heaven after they died rather than hell. This salvation, or saving, came through accepting the beliefs of the church, living a moral life, and performing good works."

Again, this is an unbelievably twisted version of the gospel. Not one word that Christ died for our sins? That God so loved the world that He gave His only Son? Just, "believe as we do or burn in hell?"

Page 315 :

There is a large 3-column block entitled, "Understanding Religious Persecution." It defines persecution, then states:

"As Christianity in Europe grew stronger, it taught that
members of other religions were to be converted, by force, if necessary."

While segment repeatedly blames Christians exclusively for perpetrating persecution on others, there have been more Christian martyrs than any other belief! It is amazing that only Joan of Arc is mentioned as a martyr (that I can find) and I believe she was the exception because it was an opportunity to criticize the Catholic Church.

"Christian" by definition means "Christ like." Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say to convert people by force. To blame "Christianity" is false. Anyone can call themselves "Christian."

Page 47:

Five philosophies are presented in the textbook as "nuggets of wisdom," including,

"For a good cause, wrong doing is virtuous."

This textbook gives a huge amount of emphasis on various cultural philosophies and applauds them. This particular "nugget" is opposite of what Christ teaches and I object to opposite moral views being taught to our children as wisdom. That is the publishers opinion and not our beliefs.

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