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by Emanuel A. Winston
Winston Mid East Analysis & Commentary

CAUTION:  Grisly article

Daniel Pearl was killed in a most savage fashion but, the Daniel Pearl's have been assassinated before - many times over - always by a different name.

You see, Daniel Pearl was a Jew and the son of Israelis who migrated to America. We Jews, at least some of us, have come to know and understand terrorism as it really is - was and will always be. We have become both its victims and, therefore, the most expert witnesses.

Reports coming in from some who have seen the video of Pearl's assassination that first Daniel's throat was cut, then he was stabbed repeatedly and finally beheaded with a blunt instrument. This gory crime and method of assassination is not unfamiliar as an M.O. (Modus Operandi) by Islamic terrorists. Pearl could have been shot quickly but instead, he was mutilated by knife and beheaded - all recorded on video so grisly that even the sensationalistic TV networks won't show it. Apparently, there was a certain amount of joy exhibited during Pearl's mutilation. To quote the NEW YORK TIMES February 25th: "In October 1994, a gleeful young kidnapper...told 3 British tourists chained to the floor that..."We've just told the press we' re going to behead you," said Ahmed Omar Sheikh, a 21 year old who once studied at the London School of Economics, as Rhys Partridge, one of the hostages, remembered it. "He was laughing. The prospect excited him." Omar was, of course, one of Daniel's kidnapers. (1)

Yes, there are peaceful Muslims who do not carry hate in their hearts but, they cannot defy their aggressive leaders. Radical Islam has groups within it that use blood ceremonies justified by religious dictates no less barbaric than when savage cannibals eat their enemies, believing they are absorbing the enemies spirit and strength. Clearly, slaughtering your enemy so you can dance in triumph in his blood remains an ancient ritual that is still with us. The spilling of human blood in sacrificial ritual is probably one of the earliest forms of idol worship.

We first learned in 1976 from a Professor who was a Persian Jew whose family was still living in fear in Iran that the radical Muslims of that nation were motivated by this blood-thirsty religious fanaticism. We didn't quite believe it then until we saw mobs of Iranians surging through the streets, cutting their scalps with razor in a frenzied dedication to the Ayatollah Khomeini and Allah - celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ashura. Only then did we first begin to understand that fanatic Islamic fundamentalism was a savage blood cult. Those who are familiar with the Bible will recall G-d's commandment to Abraham was to wipe out those tribes who practiced the blood sacrifice of humans.

Daniel Pearl is only representative of those Jews whom Muslims have been assassinating and mutilating with variations of this blood lust since the time of Mohammad. In order to reestablish their own manhood they must damage the manhood of their victims. Often they cut off the testicles of their victims and stuff them in the mouths of the victim they mutilated as a final insult. Shootings, suicide bombings, stabbings, or bashing in the heads of hiking teenagers is a visual window into the Belly of the Beast. Sometimes they dismember their Jewish victim in joyful a frenzy of bloodletting few Westerners can understand. .

Who can forget the ritual offered to former Syrian President Hafez Al Assad when captured Israeli soldiers were brought to him in the Damascus public square? Syrian soldiers, in a show of hypnotic fealty to their barbaric leader would leap upon the tied-up Israeli soldier in a wild frenzy and tear out his throat with their teeth - somehow demonstrating their manhood and their desire to serve Assad. Even young girls were shown on Syrian television in a blood ritual wherein they would bite off the head of a snake and drink its blood in a bizarre demonstration of blood loyalty.

Some will recall how Yassir Arafat demonstrated the proper way to kill a puppy to a class of young children so as to inspire ferocity and diminish sympathy for life. Arafat would take the puppy and simply twist its head off as the proper way to kill and feel good about it.

This is reality. It is not unreal or exaggerated or too revolting for the minds of uncivilized people and it has all happened. Perhaps you will recall some of the tortures of American CIA Station Chief in Lebanon, William Buckley who was kidnaped by the Syrian or PLO Arabs and tortured. They used a Soviet method of torture where a balloon on the end of catheter was forced down his throat and into his stomach. Then the balloon was slowly inflated and deflated with an air pump, creating unspeakable agony. Finally, his end came when his organs were crushed and he gratefully died. Remember when the American Col. William Higgins was shown on television. hanged by Muslim militants, despite pleas for mercy world wide.

How far back can you remember? In 1972 Yassir Arafat ordered the execution in Khartoum of our American Ambassador to Sudan, Cleo Noél, Jr., his aide George Moore and the Belgium ?~charges des affairs, Guy Eid. The CIA has Arafat's execution orders to his Fatah Force 17 on tape, denials notwithstanding.

During his 12 years of tyrannical rule in Lebanon, Yassir Arafat improved on the Roman method of execution when four horses were used to draw and quarter a man. Arafat was not so primitive. His PLO used four cars to tear the limbs off his victims. (2)

Have you read how the Christian Arabs in Lebanon were captured by Arafat's PLO and used for live blood banks? Arafat's gentle PLO terrorists drained the blood of his prisoners until they were bled white for transfusions into injured PLO Arabs. In 1982 when the Israelis freed those hospitals from the PLO tyranny, they found Lebanese Christians stacked like cordwood in the halls and basement. (3)

The blood ritual of cutting of Daniel Pearl's throat and the frenzied stabbing is nothing new for the radical Muslims in a gross perversion of Islamic worship. They have shown they are a primitive people, linked to a version of religion which seems to inspire the most barbaric treatment of non-Muslims one can imagine. Theirs is a blood cult of attack and revenge in name of Allah. Civilization recoils in horror at their brutal attacks.

Americans have not yet come to grips with the realities of radical Islam. Imagine Daniel Pearl multiplied a thousand even a million times. Radical Islamists would not hesitate for a moment to blow up the city of New York without a twinge of conscience or a moment of reflection as to whether it was a moral, ethical or even a human thing to do. Those who drive radical Islam with the whip to control their people, are ignored by the Leftist media when they tell us continually about the suffering of the Palestinian Arabs - so don't get all weepy and teary-eyed. Those radical Islamists who bring suffering to innocent children, men and women are ignored by the Media.

Wherever Muslim extremists control the land, it is used as incubators to teach their children how to grow into terrorists and suicide martyrs for Islam by whatever tyrannical ruler happens to control their minds. They use the media infrastructure paid for by the European and American donors to the P.A. (Palestinian Authority) as they teach their children to hate and kill Jews and Christians all whom they consider infidels. They are committing Genocide against their own children by telling them they will enter into a warriors paradise. One is reminded of a hideous Pied Piper who lures children to their deaths with dreams of glory and tables of sweets.

No, Daniel Pearl was not an anomaly and there will be a lot more assassinations of the same type because the American and the West have not yet come to understand radical Islam and its willingness to use merciless terror tactics in its most hideous forms. I fear we must first lose some cities, more Colonel Higgins, more William Buckley's, more Daniel Pearls, more terror attacks like 9/11 before the final wake-up. Only then will the Arabists in the State Department cease their cohabitation with and defense of Arafat and his murderous factions.

I know we prefer to forget the pictures of the savage lynching in Ramallah of two Israeli soldiers who were bashed and then thrown out of the second floor window of a P.A. Police Station so the howling Arab mob could pulp their bodies. These pictures were so grisly that they were pulled from the Internet in less than 2 days.

Know this my friends, we face a primitive, barbaric enemy who does not know the meaning of mercy nor civilized behavior. Their brutal leaders have kept the people in the 7th century enslaved to customs intended to keep them backward and dependent. We in the Free West are at war with radical Islamic primitives, some of whom wear pin-striped suits and were educated at fine Western universities. Do not confuse the suits nor their refined language of their spokesmen and women, because underneath their cultivated veneer are savages who will tear your throat out or stone you if given the chance. Remember Edward Said, the famously Columbia university professor throwing stones at Israel over the Lebanon border?

The days are over when we could bribe the Arabs to contain their normal instincts and murderous behavior. We will try to continue bribing them, but they will not stay bribed, pacified or appeased. Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq - even Egypt who will do what they have always done. Arafat and his cohorts in Hezballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Tanzim, PFLP (Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine) et al will do what they have always done. The Mullahs and Muezzins from the loud speakers in their towers blast their encouragement to kill the Jews, kill the Christians and let Islam rule the world as this is its "rightful destiny". We are At War with militant, radical Islam and no amount of flattery by the President or the State Department Secretary Powell will change this.

Many will not believe this - simply because they cannot and will not allow reality to enter their thoughts. But, if you want a glimpse into the "Belly of the Beast," recall the out-pouring of joy among the Muslim in the P.A., Syria, Iraq, Iran - all the Islamic world - dancing in the street after the World Trade Center and Pentagon were bombed by Islamic militants. Observe the Arab Palestinians dancing on their roof-tops when Saddam Hussein was launching 39 SCUD missiles at Israel. Watch the video films taken directly from the P.A. TV showing young girls pledging to become suicide martyrs and then receiving a kiss from Yassir Arafat. Read the translations of P.A. and most Muslim country's text books teaching children to hate and kill when they should be playing games of childhood. Study the "Belly of the Beast" and learn - before it is too late.

Killing Daniel Pearl with gleeful savagery is only a small indicator of what militant Islam has in mind for the West.

Our wake-up call will probably be the sound of hundreds of ambulances, screaming their presence in our cities. Our wake-up may be an attack against a nuclear power plant with a small plane, spreading radioactive debris over 10 states. Our wake-up could be overcrowded hospitals fighting a deadly plague, released by Islamists who have metasticized all over the world - because it is so easy and we are so gullible. Because they cannot tolerate living with or near the Jews, they must be transferred to Arab/Muslim lands where they may live in whatever passes for peace among other Muslims.

Will we ever wake up in time?

Don't miss "Corruption in our children's textbooks."

1. "Death of Reporter Puts Focus on Pakistan Intelligence Unit" by Douglas Jehl, Celia W. Dugger & Felicity Barringer NEW YORK TIMES 2/25/02

2. "Drawn Quartered by PLO Cars" LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER, 7/13/82 & \MA?T ARIV DAILY 7/16/82 as quoted in " PLO in Lebanon: Selected Documents" pg. 245

3. "PLO in Lebanon: Selected documents" edited by Raphael Israeli George Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1983 #63 p. 247

[ The Belly of the Beast, by Emanuel A. Winston ]