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If Christ wasn't coming, I'd be worried...   

On one hand, American liberals are screaming to have their way, “Down with God, honesty, morals and values.  Up with homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, psychics, everything goes.”

On the other hand, we have the NEA advising teachers to blame America for terrorist attacks and promote Islam, helping conversion rates quadruple in spite of the World Trade Center and cheering of suicide bombers.

In the middle we find California leading the way to FORCE children to return to public schools. The EXODUS of Christians is causing educrats to behave exactly like Pharoah.

 True Christians stand on the outskirts, shaking our heads in disbelief of the blindness of our reveling nation, continually shocked at the depths of carnality, quickly reminding ourselves God said it would be just like this as the spirit of deception unfolds. 

 If Christ wasn’t coming, I’d be worried…   or would I?

Illustration up close

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As the tide furiously approaches from both sides, I realize these lifestyles are on a collision course with each other.  Both heatedly gaining ground and determined to dominate America.  Who will win?  Islam will not tolerate gay rights, pedophilia, bestiality, etc.  I begin to humorously imagine a gay parade, like you see in San Francisco, with clownish rouge, sloppy lipstick, feather boas and sexual gyrating, crashing headlong into the embrace of heavy artillery terrorists, knives clenched in their teeth dragging machine gun ammunition and bombs behind them. 

Who will win?  Islam.  It’s already prophesied.  And the look of shock on the faces of the ACLU would be a picture to savor.  Or so my flesh would lead me...

But Jesus died even for these who would force-feed our children to become sexual deviants in public school.  Jesus commands that we love our enemies, both Islam and liberals.  Yes, there will be a collision, yes it will be bloody, and yes, even the ACLU will be grieved for.  Jesus continually corrects me, He is coming to set up His Kingdom. In the meantime, with the assurance of faith in my Savior’s perfect return, I am to love all.  God forgive my failures, it is so hard to love those who pursue indoctrination and seduction of our precious children.  How often I have wanted to call down fire on those that dare teach children of the Lord on High acts of homosexuality.  Yet He commands me to love them, yet I strive, yet I ache on the Potter’s wheel. 

Take courage, in Christ we can do all things.

Prayerfully, even me.

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